commercial building contractors in Kansas City

Why you should hire commercial building contractors

Advantages of engaging a general contractor

By Scott Hamele, DBIA President and founder of Construction DesignWorks, LLC and Nationwide Commercial Inspections, LLC

Why hire a builder or general contractor? Being in the commercial construction industry, most of our clients are fairly experienced and knowledgeable on the steps and processes in construction. In fact, several of our clients are professional developers and were previously in the construction trades either as a general contractor or specialty trade and familiar with the design-bid-build delivery method.

However, fewer of our clients are fully acquainted with the advantages of design-build construction. So why would semi-experienced owners need to hire commercial building contractors?

Top 3 reasons to hire commercial building contractors

Network of contacts

Almost all commercial building contractors have a vast network of contacts, subcontractors, vendors and suppliers they continually work with on a day-to-day basis. As a result, building contractors have the ability to procure services and products more efficiently.

Logically if a builder calls his framing crew to begin a project in a week, they would have better success than an owner who only hires a framing crew two to three times year. It all comes down to relationships and leverage.

Project management

Whether it is for construction of a new parking lot, erection of a new building, or performing a tenant finish project, project management is paramount for its success. Building contractors are more versed and experienced in the complexities of construction project management. This includes what I feel is the most important part of project management – critical path.

My definition of critical path is identifying a task or activity that will impact the success of a succeeding task or activity. An example is how making the selection of tile for a restroom will affect the ship date, delivery and install of grouting, restroom accessories and plumbing fixtures. Consequently, the selection of the color of the tile can affect numerous subsequent tasks.