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What are business remodeling contractors?

Difference between commercial and residential construction

By Scott Hamele, DBIA President and founder of Construction DesignWorks, LLC and Nationwide Commercial Inspections, LLC

I often get asked to provide residential remodeling services for existing and new clients. I always say that Construction DesignWorks, LLC is a general contractor or in other words, one of the business remodeling contractors in Kansas City. We do not provide residential services. In my opinion, you really can’t specialize in both. My advice is to be weary of a general contractor that does both residential and commercial construction project management.

Reasons why residential and business remodeling contractors are not the same

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The foremost purpose of a residential construction project is to provide a comfortable place to live. The most important ingredients are finishes such as paint, wall coverings, light fixtures, cabinets, etc.

The main purpose of a commercial construction project is to make money for the client. The important ingredients are the schedule and budget; in other words, time and money.

These are two completely different thought processes and as such require two different types of project management styles.

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Subcontractors typically specialize in either residential or commercial just like most general contractors. Commercial electricians, for instance, are used to working with commercial light fixtures, emergency exit lights and signs, and even a different type of wire called MC cable. So you cannot assume a residential electrician will be as knowledgeable as a commercial one. The crossover of residential subcontractors does not make sense on commercial jobs.

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Building code

The full understanding of any type of building code takes thousands of hours of education and years of experience by business remodeling contractors or residential construction companies. There are separate building codes that govern each industry. As such, each type of construction discipline, from framers and plumbers to HVAC contractors, are versed in their individual code, whether it is residential or commercial.

As a commercial general contractor, we have had to bail out commercial clients that had previously hired a residential contractor. There have been times that we had to remove all the wall studs because they were installed as wood, where only metal studs were allowed. We have had other instances when the electrician used residential style Romex wiring instead of MC cable that is required by the commercial code. In every instance, there is a huge waste of time and money. The same can be true of using business remodeling contractors for residential remodeling projects.

Moral of the story: hire a contractor that specializes in your type of project.

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