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Construction DesignWorks Can Help Create Project Responsibility Matrix

By Scott Hamele, DBIA President and founder of Construction DesignWorks, LLC and Nationwide Commercial Inspections, LLC

Construction DesignWorks, LLC has built out a number of franchises over the past twenty years and have recognized there is a significant difference between successful franchise construction companies and those that fail. Franchise construction uses the design-bid-build delivery method as opposed to the use of design-build architecture. Success isn’t solely based on the construction company’s ability to manage the subcontractors, budget and schedule. A successful franchise construction project hinges upon how comprehensive its national franchise construction manual is.

We have built out franchise stores with less than fifteen locations nationwide that have construction manuals that have been well thought out and developed to define exactly what outcome is expected. On the contrary, we have constructed franchise stores with over two hundred locations nationwide that have little to no construction manual, which left hundreds of details vague if not contradictory to each other.

It’s not enough to hire a local architect to follow a cookie-cutter floor plan and adapt that plan to the site-specific dimensions and conditions. The national franchise must take the steps to develop and create a construction manual that lays out every small detail of the space. If details are left up to the local architect or general contractors, then each store will have differences in look and operation.

Construction Manuals for Franchise Construction Companies Must Include the Following:

  1. General purpose and intent of type of business and franchise.
  2. Photographs of existing franchise stores including minor details such as hidden wall conditions.
  3. Walls – Elevations of every wall detailing all types of wall coverings, lighting, and outlets.
  4. HVAC- Minimum performance of new and/or existing units, types of ductwork, preferred locations, and elevations.
  5. Electrical- Full demand calculations including power distribution and light fixture types.
  6. Plumbing – Fixtures selections with minimum main water supply and pressure requirements.
  7. Flooring – Type of flooring with supplier information, minimum condition of subfloor as well as protection requirements prior to FFE install.
  8. Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FFE) – Franchise stores are loaded with FFE that are provided by and often installed by 3rd party subcontractors and suppliers. A full list and descriptions of these items will assist in the success of construction and pre-installation scheduling.
  9. Responsibility Matrix – A matrix that clearly defines who provides what services will be a lifesaver during the bidding, pre-construction and construction process. Below is an example of the pre-construction and construction phases responsibility matrix.

responsibility matrix franchise construction companies

Franchise construction companies can be successful when working with less than average franchise construction manuals, by asking a lot of questions, visiting existing locations and developing their own manual specific to the franchise. The national franchise and local franchisee will thank you for developing such a manual by offering up more work for you. You will have proven your willingness to fully understand the needs and expectations of the franchise and assisted in their overall success.

Construction DesignWorks uses its hands-on approach and design expertise to create and develop a winning franchise construction team that is specialized for each franchisee. Their complete turnkey solutions align with the unique business needs of various types of real estate and franchises. Construction DesignWorks, LLC. is located at 6657 Woodland Drive in Shawnee, Kansas. If you are looking for a building contractor or for more information about franchise construction and interior design-build, call (913) 745-4727 or visit their website

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