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How is Design-Build Architecture Different?

5 Advantages For Your Construction Project

By Scott Hamele, DBIA President and founder of Construction DesignWorks, LLC and Nationwide Commercial Inspections, LLC

What is design-build architecture? At the onset of your construction design for your new tenant finish project or ground up building, the option of design-build should be considered as a viable alternative to conventional design-bid-build. Design-build architecture offers a collection of contractors, builders, architects, designer and fabricators that bring to the table a multitude of ideas from different backgrounds.

Customarily, a design is produced from a small group if not one architect. Why not take advantage of endless ideas and strategies that not only enhance the creativity as well offer a multitude of cost points to evaluate?

design-build architecture

Major Benefits of Design-Build Architecture:

Silo Effect

Design-build architecture breaks down the silo effect of each discipline working independently of one another. Design-build creates an environment of collaboration between the owner, contractor and architect.

Strategic Foundation

Design-build architecture produces a strategic foundation in which the end result and the path are clearly defined. All team members are moving in the same direction and not opposing each other. Strong leadership from the owner and team leader will save money and time.


Design-build architecture is best when all team members are transparent with each other. If the idea is good, then it is good for the team and the end results. Transparent sharing of ideas, costs and methods are paramount and a huge advantage over the conventional design-bid-build method.


Why settle with one idea when you can choose from several. Is it a necessity to provide a cutting-edge office environment to retain valuable employees as well as impress your clients? Design-build architecture is invaluable in staying at the forefront of creativity and architectural innovation.

Reduction in RFI’s

The dreaded Request for Information (RFI’s) sent to architects during construction always slows the process down. The construction progress will go much smoother because the contractors and builder were involved since the design inception and understand the intricacies of the composition, layout, methods and sequence of construction.

Whether the design-build method is led by an architect or the contractor, in most cases it will offer the owner a product that is superior to that of design-bid-build in aesthetics, functionality, schedule and costs.

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