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The Hazards of Retail Renovation in Kansas City

Construction DesignWorks Offers Cost Effective Flooring Options

By Scott Hamele, DBIA President and founder, Construction DesignWorks, LLC
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Tread carefully when considering your retail renovation in Kansas City and across the nation. The simple assumptions you may make could cost you thousands of dollars. One of the most important areas in which to save money on a renovation is flooring. The trend now is polished and/or stained concrete. Owners assume that since there is no longer flooring, it will be less expensive to go this route. This is typically not the case in a renovation. Choosing the right flooring or design and build contractors can help offer viable solutions to fit your budget.

Renovating a space involves removing existing flooring which could be ceramic tile, carpet or vinyl coverings. In all cases, what you are left with is an uneven, stained, and discolored surface with remnants of adhesive. Going back to an exposed concrete floor is sometimes the most expensive of your choices. Mainly because of the extreme prep work involved in scraping, leveling, crack filling, patching and grinding the floor to a smooth finish; ready to receive a stain and/or finish coat sealer. The prep involved in installing new carpet, vinyl coverings or even ceramic tile is much less extensive.

Below are some types of flooring typically seen in a commercial retail renovation in Kansas City and the range of costs associated with these options. All costs include installation.

retail renovation in Kansas city
Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) [Cost $2 – 2.50 psf]
This type of flooring is about the least expensive product you can buy and requires a level 3 prep work (on a scale of 1-5 : 5 being the greatest effort of preparation). Most of the imperfection of the concrete floor below are now hidden by the VCT itself. However, cracks and holes can transmit through over time.


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Carpet [Cost $3 – $5 psf]
There is a wide range of costs for carpet and depending on the look you want, either a broadloom or carpet tile might be your preference. Carpet requires a level 2 on prep, which is very little effort.
retail renovation in Kansas city 3
Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) [Cost $7 – $10 psf]
The cost of LVT has decreased over the last few years making available numerous manufacturers and options for owners. LVT requires a level 3 prep work, which is middle of road.
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Exposed Concrete Floor [Cost $6 – $12 psf]
This choice is almost always subject to the amount of prep that is required for a smooth aesthetically pleasing look to the owner. And the final look is subject to differing opinions and expectations. One owner may require a more uniform look while another likes the imperfections, mars and discolorations of years of use. This requires a level 5 finish, which is the most labor intensive.
retail renovation in Kansas city 6Ceramic Tile [Cost $10 – $25 psf]
While ceramic tile only requires a level 2 prep work, the cost of the material and labor to install can get expensive very quickly. Depending on the size of the project, leveling the floor, thickness of mortar bed, size of tile, and pattern of tile the range of cost is widespread.

While there are endless choices of colors, shapes, sizes and materials available, the number one thing to consider in choosing flooring for your retail renovation is durability. Your choice to install ceramic tile or a stained concrete floor would give you the longest life and resilience. However, a combination of materials may be your most cost-effective solution.

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