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High-Tech Glass Goes From Open Concept to Private Room With the Flip of a Switch!

By Scott Hamele, DBIA President and founder, Construction DesignWorks, LLC

Commercial rental rates have increased nationwide. Offices have gotten smaller. The trends have been more of an “open office space” with minimal private offices. As a result of all of these factors, the use of glass has been a more prevalent design element. State-of-the-art interior design build projects have begun to utilize switchable privacy glass. Switchable privacy or LCD glass is also known as Smart Glass, Intelligent Glass, or electric glass. It is a phenomenal product that can instantly change glass from clear to an opaque. It is as easy as flipping a switch to change a conference room from an open to a private and secure room.

Switchable glass is possible by adding a liquid crystal thin film to the glass, similar to typical laminated glass. This thin layer, when electrified, will allow you to control the light transmission through the glass. Generally, when the voltage is applied, the glass will change from a white translucent state to a transparent state.

Switchable glass technology isn’t just for new construction, but can be integrated into existing offices or a new remodel. If you are in the process of a commercial renovation, ask your project management team if this is an option. It will be well worth it!

Typical applications of this technology are used in:

  • Conference rooms
  • Private offices
  • Phone rooms
  • Interview rooms
  • Presentation venues
  • Fitness areas such as yoga rooms
  • Observation rooms
  • Break rooms to provide privacy for staff
  • Patient, exam and treatment rooms in hospitals
  • Privacy screening within a hotel room
  • Spas and salons

The average cost of interior commercial window installs of butt glaze glass is approximately $32 per square foot. The cost for switchable privacy glass will be as much as $150 per square foot. However, there are multiple unique and creative functions that switchable privacy glass can offer. If you factor in the benefits of the additional functions the extra cost is justifiable. Plus, it is an impressive high-tech feature for your business.

  • Option of privacy or full view
  • Window coverings and blinds no longer needed
  • Substitution of projection screens and whiteboards
  • Cleanliness
  • Ultraviolet protection (up to 99.4%) that reduces fabric fading
  • A sustainability product that lowers energy costs
  • And of course… a very cool high tech feature!

This is a fantastic product to incorporate into an interior design build project for your office, medical, hospitality or retail space. It will impress your clients and customers, all along providing practical applications. The benefits outweigh the cost!

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