Shawnee Economic Development Council

Construction DesignWorks, LLC (CDW) is proud to become a new member of the Shawnee Economic Development Council (SEDC).  We call Shawnee home and we believe in the vitality and success of our unbelievable community.

We are introduced on Feb 15th, 2018 at our very own construction project at Stags Creek building as new member.

In 1994, the Shawnee Chamber of Commerce and the City of Shawnee partnered to form the SEDC for economic development. The SEDC is the lead to market Shawnee for new and expanding businesses and general promotion of the community.  It works to broaden the tax base and create diverse, quality employment opportunities for Shawnee residents.  In addition, the SEDC recruits and retains commercial, residential and in-fill development. The SEDC has dozens of private-sector members across a variety of industries that partner to grow Shawnee. For more information on becoming part of the EDC, please click here.