Kansas City’s Architectural + Construction Prowess

Functional design necessities with color, disguise, art, glass & shapes

KANSAS CITY, MO- Cities like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago receive accolades for their innovative building designs and architectural aptitude. However, we need to just look in our own backyard in Kansas City to see what has transformed all over the metro area in the last few years.

Our own award -winning local architectural firms and commercial construction companies have shaped the landscape of our area with cutting- edge, contemporary work. For example, they have even been able to hide or disguise something as mundane as parking lot and turn it into a work of art. This has resulted in a beautification of downtown Kansas City.

“Even on a small budget, taking advantage a few key design fundamentals can drastically improve the attractiveness of the inside or outside of a building,” says Scott Hamele, President of Construction DesignWorks, Inc. “The customer deserves an end product that will help their business survive and thrive.”

These design and construction firms have enhanced second generation buildings, while also incorporating key elements, as defined below.


Adding bold and bright colors to the façade of a building makes a statement and turns the ordinary into extraordinary. A mixed use of colors and textures are inviting to both customers and employees and will be an exciting environment to be in and around. The Museum at Prairie Fire in Leawood is attractive to baby boomers as well as the Millennials.



You may not think it’s is possible to transform a parking lot or the front of an old building into a work of art. The Kansas City Public Library with a “community bookshelf”, below, is a perfect example of taking mundane and turning it into something unique and inspiring. Thinking outside the box is exactly what Kansas Citians are doing every day to brand this town as a destination for businesses, events and tourists.



Simply incorporating artwork into the landscape of a building can add a contemporary twist to a classical building. While a shuttlecock as seen in front of the Nelson Atkins Museum, may not be your cup of tea, you can simply add smaller sculptures, water features or accent lighting to augment the look and feel.



Glass can be a useful material to both add light to the interior of a space as well add a sophisticated elegance to a building. The new Kansas City Star building is a wonderful example of what can be accomplished when glass is the primary feature of the planning of a building.



The use of different shapes can greatly enhance the feeling of both the exterior and interior of a space. These Armstrong Compasso rings were part of the café design at Design Resources, Inc. in Overland Park built by Construction DesignWorks, Inc. Design by HOK.

IMG_7226x - Copy

Construction DesignWorks uses its hands-on approach and design expertise to create and build professional interior spaces specialized for each customer.  They work with the owners on the front end to learn their story, find inspiration, so added touches convey the brand, and make a statement.  These turnkey solutions align provide customized solutions to fulfill the mission of an organization.  Construction DesignWorks, Inc. is located at 21961 West 83rd Street in Shawnee, Kansas. For more information, call (913) 745-4727 or visit their website at constructiondesignworks.com.