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Construction services company in Kansas City

Construction DesignWorks is a self-performing general contractor

By Scott Hamele, DBIA President and founder of Construction DesignWorks, LLC and Nationwide Commercial Inspections, LLC

Is your general contractor a paper contractor or do they self-perform any of their services? A construction services company would typically be the latter. A ground-up services company typically would be providing 100% project management services which is closely defined as a paper contractor. General contractors that specialize in commercial tenant finish as well as building reconstruction services typically self-perform a portion of their work. Self-performing offers benefits such as lower costs, higher quality and improved schedules. The general contractor has a much better labor force than a subcontractor.

Construction services companies that self-perform provide specialty services


Commercial metal stud framing is much different than wood studs you find in the residential construction industry. Not only are the materials different, but the installation techniques are very different. You normally do not see a crossover of commercial to residential framing because they are so different and are in their own different specialties.
construction services company in Kansas City


Subcontracting drywall (gyp board) work has its advantages. It also has its pitfalls. Not much can go wrong during the hanging phase. Gyp board finishing is where the craftsmanship is most noticeable. Self-performing the gyp board finish can make or break the final product and help make the construction services company successful when delivered with a high degree of quality and attention to detail.

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Finish Carpentry

Levels of finish carpentry vary greatly between carpenters, crews and companies. While one finish carpenter might specialize in building cabinets, another might be an expert in hanging and trimming doors. Self-performing finish carpentry gives the construction services company a much larger range of products and options for clients and architects to choose from. A new brewery may require a highly customized bar top and front that a casework and cabinets company may not be able to produce.

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Acoustical Ceiling

The ability to install your own acoustical ceiling tile (ACT) systems can be invaluable since this is completed toward the end of the project and needs to be coordinated with lighting, fire sprinklers, audio speakers and HVAC supply registers. This coordination of different disciplines toward the end of the project can kill a schedule and prohibit the project from being turned over on time.

Kansas City construction services company

There are countless specialty areas a general contractor may self-perform in addition to these four areas. Fields of construction such as tile and flooring installation, insulation, data, low voltage and painting all offer value and scheduling advantages to the project. The ability to self-perform may just be the deal maker or breaker; serious consideration should be made by the owner and architect when interviewing and evaluating a construction services company for a new project.

About Construction DesignWorks, LLC

Construction DesignWorks uses its hands-on approach and design and construction expertise to create and develop a winning design-build team that is specialized for each customer. Their complete turnkey building solutions align with the unique business needs of various types of real estate. Construction DesignWorks, LLC is located at 6657 Woodland Drive in Shawnee, Kansas. If you are looking for a construction services company or for more information about interior design-build, call (913) 745-4727 or visit their website


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