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Construction Design Strategies Can Provide Workplace Security

By Scott Hamele, DBIA President and founder of Construction DesignWorks, LLC and Nationwide Commercial Inspections, LLC

5 Ideas for a Secure Office

Short of hiring a full-time security guard to sit at your front entry, there are numerous construction design strategies that will enhance the safety of your workplace. The optimal time to plan for these strategies is after white box build out and during your planning phases for your commercial tenant improvements. The first thing you have to ask yourself is what is your main concern in an office environment. Is it theft or violence? In retail stores, the obvious main concern is theft of product. In an office setting, the prospect of violence would be the emphasis of your security strategy.

Office Security Construction Design Plan Summary:

  • Entrance Points – Design and construct secure entrances with proper fail safe locking hardware at each door. In the case of a possible threat, an employee has to have the ability to easily and quickly lock the exterior doors from intrusion.

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  • Secondary Access Point – Provide an additional access point into the interior of the office that is secured with a locked door to provide a secondary backup level of security for employees.
  • Security system – Install and maintain a reputable comprehensive security system that will monitor the premises 24/7. It should have exterior and interior “marked” cameras as well as door and glass protection and motion detection. The system should be remotely monitored with on-premises battery backup.

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  • Integration – For optimum security, the entrance doors hardware should be electronically activated and integrated with the security system.
  • Safe Room – Numerous design elements need to be considered in a safe room. However, from a construction standpoint, walls and doors can be reinforced to provide defense against ballistics. The door, frame and hardware should be secure enough to provide protection from intrusion and blunt force against the door and frame. An interior hard line (analog) phone should be installed to ensure reliable communication with outside parties and law enforcement.

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When planning your construction design security strategy for your workplace, it would be advised to consult with a security expert and collaborate ideas with both the architect and general contractor. A security strategy is like any other design element; you can spend a lot more money than might be necessary for your situation. You will need to be prudent with your decisions and weigh the value of each security design element.

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