Commercial Renovations in Kansas City

Thinking Outside the Box With Shipping Containers

By Scott Hamele, DBIA President and founder, Construction DesignWorks, LLC

Construction DesignWorks, LLC thinks it’s time for commercial renovations in Kansas City to become bold and think outside the box. Literally! A trend often seen in Europe has begun using shipping containers in their commercial offices, retail and industrial projects. It follows a long history of developing innovative concepts and materials in industrial-contemporary architectural designs. These containers are perfect for interior design build projects as their costs can easily be incorporated from the beginning as a design component.

This idea has created a niche called shipping container architecture or Cargotecture. It uses steel intermodal containers as the building blocks for everything from a mobile office, apartments, coffee shops, single family homes as well interior elements such as break and conference rooms. Other uses for these containers are converting them into bank vaults, a mobile medical clinic, concession stands, bathroom pods, workshops as well as affordable multi-housing units.

This type of architecture has become popular because of the low cost ($1200 – $4000) of a used shipping container and its intrinsic structural elements. It is environmentally friendly by giving the container a new life and use.

These containers can be stacked up to 12 high when empty, are easily available worldwide and can be transported easily. Most container sizes are 8’ wide x 6’6” high. Lengths can vary from 8’ up to 40’. The steel construction makes it very durable and are marine grade weather tight. The doors typically located on the end are secured with heavy-duty locking bars, lugs and hinges – a very cool industrial look.

The ideas are endless. You can pimp out your container with the use of almost any material, by adding glass as a new door, wood accent panels, industrial signage, bold colors and new rugged industrial style lights. Go ahead and think outside the box and create something unique for you and your business.

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