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By Scott Hamele, DBIA President and founder of Construction DesignWorks, LLC and Nationwide Commercial Inspections, LLC

Think of your office as an extension of your owner and staff personalities. It doesn’t have to be drab and plain. We have listed some creative business interior ideas below that will add pop, flair and a new culture to your workplace. Those cookie cutter spaces with boring colors, low ceilings, absence of textures and lack of imagination will ultimately hurt your business. Your interior finish should reflect the fun and creative side of the owner and employees. Think outside the box! Nothing is off limits!

Your choice of character elements, colors, textures and technology will create a culture that attracts top employees as well as convey a sense of purpose to your clients. Customers will want to be around your company as it will exhume confidence and forethought of product and thinking.

4 areas of focus for creative business interior ideas

CDW creative business interior ideas

    Dig deep and add a pleasurable atmosphere to your office space by way of fun and unique elements or features. Items such as phone booths or a slide add a sense of eclectic enthusiasm. There is no limit on what to add to your office other than your imagination. Successful businesses have included such inventive elements as living plant walls, tiered seating, large chalkboards, game rooms and cafes that add an enjoyable feature you don’t find in most work environments.

creative business interior ideas CDW

    Most workers today live on their phones and tablets. Including lots of technology in the workplace will only enhance the employee and client experience. Breakrooms and cafes should include interactive computer screens as well as showing the latest game on a TV. Hallways can be used for messaging on built-in flat screens. Conference and huddle rooms should be equipped with plenty of audio and visual components.

    No doubt, small private spaces have their place in the office environment. However, multiple choices of workspace allow employees to choose what is right for them. One option could be an informal lounge area where workers use laptops. Other creative business interior ideas are open workstation environments with shared private phone and meeting rooms, or private work nooks which are also becoming popular.

Construction DesignWorks creative business interior ideas

    Office space can get boring quickly without interesting artwork. You don’t have to spend a small fortune to accomplish this. No trips to Sotheby’s auction house or the local art dealer are needed. Find a local artist to create one-of-kind wall art and graphics. There are also plenty of online companies that can print large format graphics for your walls by using your own digital file or choose from thousands of images.

Millennials (born between 1980 and the 1990s) hold about 20 percent of all leadership roles. Those numbers will continue to grow. Owners also need to understand and start planning for the next working group, often called Generation Z, aka iGen or iGeneration (born between the mid-1990s and 2012). Each generation is unlike the other, requiring a different workplace atmosphere to maximize productivity and increase the longevity of workers. Creative business interior ideas offer a cool vibe that is fun to work in, and will add to your chances of landing and keeping that top prospect.

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