3 Generations of Entrepreneurs

Is there such a thing as a Risk-Taking Gene?

20By Scott Hamele, DBIA   President and founder, Construction DesignWorks, LLC


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Do people have entrepreneurial genes? I’ve often wondered if the seed to own my own business came from my father, and his seed from his father. I am sure some of my inspiration to run and develop my own general contracting company comes from how I was raised. But I have observed people over the years, both business owners and employees alike.  There seems to be a different way we owners think. Somewhat of a crazy way I will admit. It’s not the ability to be our own boss, but it’s the desire and passion behind an idea. It’s the drive to never stop working, even when we have put in 12 hours. There is always something that needs to be done, and we enjoy the accomplishment of nurturing a project from it’s inception to the very end.

My grandfather, Alvin Franklin Hamele was born in 1898 in Portage, Wisconsin, the son of 2nd generation Austrian immigrants. Times were tough in the early 1900’s and he formed a hard work ethic very quickly. At the age of 14, he found himself needing to work full time at the local COOP Creamery. So 8th grade was the highest level of education Alvin attained. He absorbed all he could about the operations of a dairy and followed his dream to own and operate his own business. In 1929, the Hamele Dairy officially started. His 6 kids and wife Irene worked hard, getting up every morning before school delivering milk to customers all around the small mid-Wisconsin town. The milk was carefully stacked and arranged in the back of a wagon, pulled by an old mare’ named Willow.


Alvin saved over the years and bought a 1938 International Panel Truck in which he was able to provide a more efficient way of delivering the milk, cream and butter to his local clients.

Born in 1935, my father, Alvin “Al” Franklin Hamele, Jr worked hard under the tutelage of his father. He wanted a better life for himself and after graduating from high school, began his long road through college. His dream was to be an Architect and worked his way through college with odd jobs that took him on a journey from University of Wisconsin, Platteville College, Iowa State when finally ending his journey of higher education at Kansas State University. After working for Bucher & Willis, an Engineering firm in Salina, Kansas, Al hung his first shingle in 1969. He was now partner in the Architectural Engineering Firm White, Hamele & Hunsley. Several years later he made his way back to the land of cheese and the Packers. He started Al Hamele and Associates in 1975, whereby establishing himself as the local expert on new building design.


I was born Alvin Scott Hamele in 1969, the 3rd generation of entrepreneur’s. A family whereby we made our own way and blamed no one when the economy was bad and clients weren’t buying what we were selling. We all learned lessons the hard way and developed the traits of lifelong learning, persistence, positive attitude and a diligent work ethic. I worked for father’s Architectural Engineering company growing up, as well as learning the construction trade hands on for our family’s real estate investment properties. I studied Civil Engineering at the University of Kansas from 1987 – 91. I was blessed to have landed a great job in Kansas City in 1991 where I was a project engineer for a power plant equipment OEM. I was able to travel the world and see things my grandfather only dreamed of.  I have owned my own business for over 20 years, a real estate investment company that morphed into a construction company. My passion for design complemented my knowledge of construction. This resulted in the creation of Construction DesignWorks, LLC, the premier Design-Build Commercial Tenant Finish General Contractor in the Kansas City area.

Construction DesignWorks uses its hands-on approach and design expertise to create and develop a winning design build team that is specialized for each customer. Their complete turnkey solutions align with the unique business needs of various types of real estate. Construction DesignWorks, LLC. is located at 21961 West 83rd Street in Shawnee, Kansas. If you are looking for a building contractor or for more information about interior design-build, call (913) 745-4727 or visit their website https://constructiondesignworks.com.